“A Man’s Heart Plans His Way, But The Lord Directs His Steps.” Proverbs 16:9

Esther was such a woman of faith. She had no idea what her future held when she was picked to be the new Queen of Persia. All she knew is that God was directing her every move in such a divine way, that she was able to save her Jewish people from complete destruction. I cannot imagine how frightening it would have been to be a simple girl from a simple home picked to become the a King’s wife? What a responsibility! Especially knowing that my heritage did not exactly match up with that of the Empire’s rulers. I think I would have run as fast as I could the opposite direction, and telling God along the way, “Sorry, Lord…I’m not cut out for this!”

For those who haven’t, READ the book of Esther. You will find an amazing woman who took what the Lord put before her and ran with it while never looking back! I feel (more like KNOW) I doubt the Lord’s plans for my life,  and seem to be conditional with my relationship with Him. Esther did not tell God “Well IF you do this for me THEN I will do this.” She simply had faith, and trusted the Lord’s outcomes over her own plans. She LET the Lord use her, thus enabling her to be used in such a miraculous and mighty way.

I find myself in a consistent state of not letting the Holy Spirit move in my life. Sure, in my head I think that I am following the Lord’s leading, but when do I actually ACT on it? The answer is simple: hardly ever.

I am praying that I will not be doubtful, conditional, or anxious about my future. Who knows what miraculous and mighty things the Lord has in store. I pray that I can become as faithful as Esther.


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